Steps To Take Before Embarking On Basement Finishing

The COVID-19 era has ultimately changed how people live, work and study. One of the ways many homeowners are adjusting to the new normal is by embarking on home projects such as basement finishes to facilitate a smooth experience while working or schooling from home. 

Before embarking on a home additions project such as basement finishing, you must understand and have a planning guide that you must take to make the process successful. With the help of a basement expert and careful planning and preparation, you can ensure that your finished basement will look excellent and add value to your home.




The first step to consider before starting is determining what basement look you wish to create. Consider the various financing options available and local research regulations relating to home additions. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to obtain the building permits required and have an engineer design plans for remodeling your basement.

Lastly, be sure to contact a few local contractors who specialize in finishing basements so that you can compare their estimates and find the best one for your needs. Following these steps will go a long way toward ensuring a successful home addition!

Basement finishing is such a big decision that it requires proper planning. Adequate planning will help you get the desired results for your finished basement. These are some of the steps to finishing remodeling your basement:


Clear Out Your Basement

Whether implementing a basement remodel or bringing in experts, the biggest challenge commonly encouraged during home projects is working around obstructions. In most home projects, the basement is the part of the building that houses all the junk, boxes, and bins. Also, heating ducts, sump pump, plumbing drains, gas lines, and electrical outlets are hung in most parts of the floor joist.

Clearing out the basement and making it as accessible as possible will encourage a smooth experience in renovating your basement. You want to start with a clean slate, so go through the area and eliminate debris and items no longer needed. Once this is done, you can begin preparing your basement wall for insulation, putting in the finishing touches, and installing windows for natural light. Depending on what type of finishing basement look you intend, you may need to invest in supplies such as wet bar fixtures or carpets. But the space should feel open before making these investments; clearing rooms will give you more control over finishing your basement.


Perform A Moisture Test

Before embarking on a basement remodel project, you should take time to perform a moisture test. This will let you know whether you need to do waterproofing in finishing your basement. Sneaky leaks around the basement can ruin your basement renovation.  During the moisture test, your contractor should check all electrical outlets, basement wall joints, and exterior building surfaces. Inspecting these areas will help reveal excess water or dampness, which can damage your basement remodelling project over time.

If you notice a water problem and moisture issues, make sure you identify the source of the moisture and fix it. A general or basement Contractor can help you solve the problem in your basement finishing project. 


Research Local Building Permits and Codes For Basement Applicable To You

Basement renovation, like any major construction work, requires building permits from your local government. Not complying with the laid down rules and regulations may get you fined. Before starting work on your basement, research local building codes that apply to you. 

Building codes generally contain the rules surrounding the number of exits required for your basement and the ceiling height. If your basement meets the applicable codes, apply for permits and move on with other plans.



Where To Find The Best General Contractor In Northern Colorado

Hiring a basement contractor is also one of the steps to finishing renovating your basement. If you live anywhere in Northern Colorado, you can hire a General Contractor to complete your basement renovation. Basement finishing is an important and expensive project, and you want it done right.

One way to achieve this is by engaging with a basement expert to help you translate your basement idea and planning guide into a beautiful structural reality. Local Map Construction is a company you can trust regarding professional basement finishing projects.

Local Map Construction recently lifted a house in Mead, Colorado, by adding extra space in the basement. Whether you’re planning to have a workspace, movie theater, or bar carved out of your basement, the team of construction at the company has what it takes to implement your idea and increase the value to your home.


Local Map Construction is licensed and insured, making it a reliable company. Also, their experts are widely experienced and will be able to guide you and provide helpful advice, especially regarding design and safety issues.

Do you need expert assistance to complete your basement remodeling? You can speak to an expert at Local Map Construction either by visiting their official website or calling 720-635-2941


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