The Utmost Guide to Creating Your Dream Space: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Finished Basement

do's and don'ts of a finished basement

A remodeled basement is a popular home improvement project to make it a usable space. A finished basement makes living space more functional, and when a design plan is done correctly, not only can it serve as storage space, but it can also add value to a home’s basement and increase its appeal.

Basement refinishing is a more complicated home improvement project, but with the proper planning, some remodeling tips, and help from basement finishing contractors, you’ll avoid headaches and prevent your basement systems from costly mistakes, financially and otherwise.

The process is often labor-intensive, and many homeowners prefer to hire a finishing contractor to avoid to create delays. Whatever finishing method you select, whether you’re finishing your basement for entertainment, a specific activity, to create a room to spend time with your guests, or using it for storage solutions, homeowners should follow these proper procedures when doing the work.

Let’s take a look at the finished basement’s dos and don’ts:



Start with an in-depth plan.

Finishing the basement can be an expensive process, so it’s essential to start with a detailed architectural plan. Avoiding costly mistakes should be prevented to complete that particular space successfully. Many things need to be considered before starting any project, and finishing your basement is no exception:

– It’s important to measure the basement’s square footage before anything else.

– Mark those items that can’t be moved, like sump pumps, pipes, the hot water heater, or furnaces.

– Create a design plan board that will showcase the materials you propose to use on the project or spend a little money to have assistance from a professional basement finishing company.

– Make sure you know what type of basement flooring you are going to use (concrete floor, vinyl, linoleum, wood floor, etc).

– Choose the right type of foundation walls and wall panels.

– Read reviews.



A basement is a place that can be susceptible to musty odors, water, and moisture problems. This is because it is usually a low-lying area, and it can be hard to drain water away from it.

One way to prevent a moisture problem is by waterproofing the basement. There are many different ways to do this, but the most popular is using a sump pump and installing drywall or other waterproofing material.

Another way is to install a dehumidifier that removes moisture from the air, preventing any moisture issues and mold or mildew from growing on the basement walls and floor space.


Conduct a radon test

Radon is a radioactive gas that is colorless and odorless. It can be found in the soil and rock, which can harm your health and cause lung cancer if exposed to it. Radon gas can enter your home through foundation walls or basement flooring cracks. The gas cannot be detected without a specialized test.


Be aware of code and permit requirements

Make it a point to research your local building codes and permit requirements before you have a basement finishing company start work on your basement. Having correct permits will help to ensure that you avoid having any issues when it comes time to sell the home, and it will also ensure that you won’t have to redo work because of problems with permits or local code.


Contemplate using existing lighting to the best advantage in the basement systems

Although most basements don’t typically have much, if any, natural light coming in, assessing the existing lighting and determining how you can use it to the best benefit in the additional living space is an important design consideration.

Keep the likelihood of flooding at the back of your mind

Flood occurs naturally. If you live in a water surrounding area or plan on finishing your basement, one of the basement finishing basement dos is to ensure it has an appropriate sump pump. Flooding may not only damage your possessions but also can ruin your shelter and your new space.


Check. Be mindful of the basement ceiling access

It is inherent for electrical wires and plumbing pipes to be positioned in the basement ceilings. As you get a suspended ceiling with plastic sheeting, you’ll be able to mount a beautiful ceiling for your finished basement and provide future quick access to the wires and pipes.




Plan to finish the entire basement

Make the most of your budget, depending on your cost of living. Convert a smaller space by using creative solutions focusing on an unfinished basement. Keep some areas unfinished for storage of seasonal items, holiday decorations, luggage, and other goods you don’t use often.


Change plans

Avoid changing plans. Take the time necessary on the front end of your home remodels to make comprehensive design plans and selections. Ask questions until you are comfortable with your decisions.

Be afraid to express yourself

The basement is your living space where you can have fun. Let your imagination go in your basement refinishing and create unique features such as a play area that you and your family will appreciate for years.


Cut back on the details

If you are finishing your basement, one of the remodeling tips is to pay attention to details such as light fixtures, adding egress windows, area rug, artwork, and crown molding. This will give your finished basement a fantastic look.


Hesitate to hire a contractor

With proper planning and a clear vision of the result, a finished basement remodeling project is possible, albeit it’s a DIY project. It’s critical to a successful project to require the time to plan, and feel free to ask for professional basement finishing contractors’ help if the project is beyond your skill set.

It’s much more essential to possess things done right so you’ll enjoy your basement directly and stop yourself from future problems.

Looking at what you should do and avoid during your basement finishing project will surely help. These remodeling tips were compiled based on many factors you can use as a guide to your basement finishing project. You can achieve a positive outcome if you consistently apply all of your project’s finishing dos and don’ts.

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